Vote “NO” on all propositions and local measures

Prop 1

Prop 1: No

Creates a California Constitutional Right to Abortion and Birth Control.
Prop 26

Prop 26: No

Legalizes on-site sports betting at Indian casinos and certain racetracks. Also legalizes roulette, craps, and dices games at Indian casinos. Creates a new ten percent tax on profits on sports betting at racetracks. Authorizes enforcement of gambling laws by private lawsuits.
Prop 27

Prop 27: No

Legalizes on-line and mobile sports betting by Indian tribes and special interests that have operating agreements with Indian tribes. Establishes new homelessness and mental health bureaucracies; new taxes.
Prop 28

Prop 28: No

Mandates that 1% of Proposition 98 education funds must be set aside for arts and music education, with 80% of those funds for teacher salaries.
Prop 29

Prop 29: No

Enacts outlandish, expensive new mandates for kidney dialysis clinics. Similar to special interest regulations that statewide voters have rejected twice.
Prop 31 (1)

Prop 30: No

Enacts a 1.75% income tax increase on top of our highest-in-America tax rates to subsidize special interest electric vehicles, charging stations, etc.
Prop 31

Prop 31: No

Proposition 31 (Referendum): Oppose A “No” vote overturns SB 793 from 2020, the Legislature’s ban on flavored tobacco products, whether smoked, chewed, or vaped.